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Day 9 - at the Lavender Farm Family Day

It was hotter than hell when we got up at 6AM. The tractors firing up in the field next to us didn't help. I made sausage for breakfast, and we said hello to a neighbor who had pulled in sometime over night - a guy who, it appeared, lived in his car with his dog.  Takes all kinds, I suppose. He was a nice guy, though, so can't really complain. Anybody who can actually LIVE in a 1980s era Toyota hatchback deserves something.  After breakfast, we walked around the farm a little bit, since the busses full of conventioneers from Salt Lake wouldn't be getting here for a while. They had some very nice flower plantings and stuff around the place, which I tried to capture before they got trampled by the arriving guests. The hosts had promised everything from blacksmith shops to a staged Wild West gunfight, Native American dancers, a jousting tournament, and a petting zoo. It got hotter and hotter as the day went on, but we were lucky in that we could just hie on back to the RV and put the AC on to cool off. Drank a lot of water, though. There had been some concern that the brush fires would send a lot of smoke around, but the wind was in our favor and it never got too bad.  We watched the jousting which was rather bizarre, as they staged a wild west shootout at the same time, and of course the Prez of the company was the good guy  riding in with his lance and vanquishing all the bad guys (dressed up as FDA inspectors, I suppose...) The entertainment was decent, if you like country music.  By the end of the day, I was pretty ready to retreat to the air conditioned RV permanentaly.

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