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Vacation Summary

Our Vacation in 2012 brought us through 17 states, three time zones, and 5,253 total miles. Our longest single-day journey was exactly 700 miles, from Columbia MO to Beckley, WV.  We averaged 6.7 mpg, but that also accounts for the generator running much of the time to provide A/C and power in the coach when we weren't plugged in at a campground. We maintained an average moving speed of 57.5 miles an hour.  We used 819 gallons of fuel, at an average cost per gallon of $3.52, and a total cost of $2,771. We returned home with about 30 gallons still in the tank, so to be accurate, we spent about a hundred dollars less. Our total cost for lodging was less than $250, and that included the three nights in Salt Lake City.  Our lowest elevation was sea level at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and the highest was 11,820 feet, at the Eisenhower Pass tunnel, in Colorado. We crossed over 17 major river systems - Starting with our own, the Delaware River, and then, east to west, Susquehanna, Monongahela, Ohio, Wabash, Kaskaskia, Illinois, Mississippi, Iowa, Des Moines, Missouri, Platte, Green, Colorado, and then coming home the Missouri and Mississippi again, the Ohio (twice in one day!), the Kentucky, and Kanawha, in West Virginia and the James River in Virginia.


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