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Part of my sheet music collection - I enjoy the artwork on many of these old covers. Most of my pieces are from 1900 to 1940. I try to find classic songs that  are still known today. As Rod Stewart sang, "Every Picture Tells A Story"

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Swanee, Gershwin's first big hit, as sung by Al Jolson. 
Another classic Jolson song, from 1921
Ethel Waters classic "Stormy Weather"
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Mills Brothers tune, from 1944. Also done up by Spike Jones and his Orchestra
A classic from Al Jolson - 1913, later sung by Judy Garland in a famous scene, to a picture of Clark Gable
A "catchy waltz melody" from 1923.
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Did you know Otis Redding's big hit from 1967 was actually written in 1932?
1927 - a "symphonic ukelele arrangment" by Gus Kahn - also another Spike Jones hit from the 40's
A romantic song hit from 1919, amazingly covered by Alice Cooper in 1972
A romantic 1923 ballad.
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The Marx's were saddled with boy/girl love stories in some of their moves. This song was a minor hit for Alan Jones, father of Jack Jones. Kitty Carlisle went on to marry playwright Moss Hart and appear on "Whats My Line" for about a hundred years.
George Gerswin's last completed song. He was working on "Our Love is Here to Stay", another timeless classic,  when he died in July of  1937. Notice the blurb in the lower right corner - this movie introduced Edgar Bergen and "Charlie McCarthy" to the world.
Tiny Tim resurrected this classic from 1929. "Gold Diggers of Broadway" was one of the first  "behind the scenes" movie musicals with sound and dialog.
One of my oldest pieces, from 1901.
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Kipling didn't write many songs. In fact, he didn't know he wrote this one. The composer simply set a short Kipling verse to music. From 1903
Everyone knows this one.
Entertainer Eddie Cantor made this his theme song. A big hit for him in the early 1930's
Many songs were written about World War One doughboys going "over there". This one was published in 1918