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Why in the world is somebody stuck in the sticks of southwestern  New Jersey so interested in the middle of Asia? I don't know exactly, but in the last half-dozen years, I've been fascinated by this remote, mysterious, and until recently, unapproachable part of the world. Ranging from the Caspian Sea to Lake Baikal, from southern Siberia to the foothills south of the Himalaya, the area formerly known as Soviet Turkestan and Chinese Singkiang is, with the possible exception of the headwaters of the Amazon River, the last great unexplored, untravelled part of the world. Magical places like Samarkand, Bokhara, the Karakoram Highway, the Khyber Pass, Yarkand, Urumqui (Mr.Ron Dollin's Favorite Vacation Spot!!!), and many others beckon.  I hope you'll be as fascinated as I.

Please also note the set of pictures sent to me by my new Pakistani friend, Ehsan...

I've also come across a marvelous source of (mostly reprints) books on India and Central Asia - the Vedams Book site. Check them out if your searches on Barnes & Noble and Amazon don't turn up the book you are looking for.