Our 1988 Bounder RV, in process of updating, renovating, and re-decorating.

Spring 2014 - General Clean up, and re-painting the upper stripe and front and rear "eyebrows".  They were badly faded by a couple of decades of sun exposure and general wear and tear. Each one was sanded down, then taped off and given two+ coats of Rust-oleum. The paint-can cap matched our old reddish-orange pretty well, but the actual paint turned out a bit redder than expected. Now, the stripes are much better looking, and don't make the old beast look quite so shabby.    If they lasts a half-dozen years, I'll be more than happy. Total cost : under $50. The bottom stripes are not quite so bad, I will probably let them go and see what happens.

 I still have to clean up the reflective pin striping a bit, but that's relatively simple.  I'm undecided about what to do with the darker sand-colored stripe underneath. Parts of it are pretty faded away, other parts aren't too bad. My concern is finding a paint that matches that old 1980s color.

Eyebrows, Before
Eyebrows, After
Top Right Stripe, Before
Top Right Stripe, After
Left Stripe, After


August, 2010 - We Buy the Beast
Spring 2011, before a good cleaning and Red Max application

After the RMP. Shine on, you crazy diamond...


Spring 2012 work - some cosmetics and interior fixes